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Episode 7 – Bad guys and bitches love to fuck

J.J. (Jordan Hart) is a hard-working but poor porn photographer who mysteriously inherits a large house in the country. Friends suggest he runs it as a hotel where some porn girls can offer extra services to guests. One of the first of these, a mysterious Russian called "Yury" is murdered, but then turns up very much alive on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, a very long way from Hungary! So J.J. and his detective friend, Bono, head for Tenerife to track down this elusive Russian who is also wanted by Interpol. It turns out that "Yury" is not his real name and that the guy is a scientist on the run from the Russian secret police as he has the formula for a new nerve gas. Staking out his villa at night J.J. and Bono have been captured!

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Our guys are tied up in Yury`s lounge, but it turns out that his real name is Malenkov and he reveals that he intends to sell the nerve gas formula to the highest bidder. He arranges on the phone for a pick up point as the first place for his buyers to get directions where they can find the formula.

Two hot babes, a pair of whores (played by blonde Ukrainian porn star, ANGELIKA GRAYS and Spanish brunette SCARLETT), have turned up to fuck the horny Russian. It amuses him to torment the two guys at his mercy, by letting the bitches tease them a little before he settles down to ménage a trois. The girls are the type that will get your dick stiff in seconds - both stunningly beautiful with firm, natural bodies and long hair, the brunette in a short tight black dress and the blonde in a pink one.

Having played games with our tied-up heroes, the whores settle down on a big sofa to service their client. First with their dresses pulled up, our villain begins by fucking SCARLETT doggy-style while she, in turn, can lean forward and kiss ANGELIKA. The blonde also pulls her panties aside and as she watches the fucking the slut starts to play with her own clit. Then the blonde slides down and spreads her legs so that SCARLETT can enjoy the cock in her cunt slamming into her from behind while she also licks some juicy tushy!

Next its ANGELIKA`s turn to get fucked and "Yury" slaps his dick into her pussy, enjoying the perfect curves of her tight ass, while the brunette, SCARLETT, turns him on even more by greedily pulling out his cock and slobbering over it when she gets the chance.

Then SCARLETT is fucked cowgirl facing the Russian. She rides his meat deep in her pussy like the true whore she is! ANGELIKA has now climbed up and is sitting on the back of the sofa with her legs spread wide so that the horny SCARLETT can lean forward a little and continue to munch on her snatch, hungrily trying to get her tongue into the blonde whore`s cunt. After a time "Yury" switches the pair and its ANGELIKA`s turn to ride his cock in cowgirl while SCARLETT sits on top of the sofa and has her pussy licked by the other slut.

With the blonde next pushed down into a missionary position on the sofa, SCARLETT sits over her face so that ANGELIKA can slurp on some juicy cunt, while the brunette is free to kiss the guy. The brunette is also able to lean forward as "Yury" takes out his dick from the other babe`s hot slit and gobble on his cock sucking up the other whore`s cunt juices from off his dick! Finally it becomes too much for the Russian guy who can not hold back his sperm any longer. He shoots a great load of volcanic jism all over SCARLETT`s tongue and ANGELIKA`s perfect, trim cunt!

Then he turns to his two tied up guests who have had to watch this marathon sex session. He tells J.J. and Bono that the next thing he must do is have them killed!

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