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Episode 1 – Welcome to the Whore House

Stunningly beautiful Zazie Skymm is giving a blowjob, a long, wet, stroke-on-it kind of cock sucking that is dick stiffening to watch! She is so cute, a Marilyn Monroe in miniature, and the way she works a big cock, her tongue slurping up and down the shaft, or sucking on the balls, or gagging as it is shoved all the way down her throat, is a hellishly hot turn on.

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The camera reveals that we are, in fact, watching a porn shoot taking place. Zazie and her well endowed stud are posing in front of a stills camera. We are then introduced to the photographer, hard-working J.J. (played by JORDAN HART) and his sexy and rather bored make-up girl, Tania (played by AMIRAH ADARA). J.J. takes a break to check his work on the laptop, but Zazie happily continues to suck cock and balls. Finally J.J. commands her to take a fat load of jism on her tongue and the groaning stud delivers his creamy spunk into her mouth. Like a good porn slut, Zazie poses for the camera and those all-important money shots as jism dribbles down her chin.

After he has paid his performers and they have left, Tania/AMIRAH tells our hero that he has a lot of unopened mail. All bills he says. She finds one however from a lawyer. It turns out that an old uncle of J.J.`s, whom he has not seen since he was a kid, has died leaving him some property in the country. The pair agree to go and see it straightaway next day.

After a country drive they find the house. To the shock of both of them its brand new and beautifully furnished. J.J. despairs that he is so poor he could not manage the upkeep of such a place. Tania/AMIRAH suggests that he could run it as a small country motel and she knows lots of porn starlets who would be willing to help out as staff. They might also be able to offer certain "extra services" on the side. The last of the workmen, a plumber, played by stud ANTONIO ROSS, says he has just finished the bathroom upstairs if they want to inspect it before he leaves? AMIRAH, who looks very hot, in skintight black latex-style leggings and a white blouse, agrees to go and take a look.

In the smart very modern bathroom AMIRAH notices that there is no water in the taps. The plumber goes away to investigate. She gets under the shower and is surprised when a jet of water sprays all over her. An embarrassed ANTONIO tries to dry her down, running his hands over her tight body. Turned on by all this attention Tania/AMIRAH is soon getting very interested in fucking. First the plumber gets her out of those wet clothes, sucking her nipples and bending her over the bath to lick her shaved pussy. AMIRAH then demonstrates her world famous oral skills, sucking his cock and balls as only a porn star can.

Plumber ANTONIO suitably hard then puts AMIRAH through no less than five sex positions and giving her a strong drilling as she moans in ecstasy. Best of all he fucks her tight asshole working his cock manfully up her Hershey Highway. AMIRAH thanks him by sucking his cock from her asshole ! Finally our horny plumber shoots his load of hot spunk right up AMIRAH`s ass and the cream dribbles out!

J.J. had watched a little of the sex. Now, downstairs, Tania apologises for getting carried away. When the plumber says it was the best sex of his life and he and his friends would pay to meet girls like this, Tania convinces J.J. that he could run the house as a kind of sexy motel.

Then there is a knock at the door. J.J. opens it to find a very cute girl standing on the step. She says her name is Gloria (played by NELLY KENT) and she has come to help!

WATCH NEXT WEEK to see what happens next in EPISODE 2 of WHORE HOUSE!

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