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Episode 2 – Bad girl gets screwed

The Story So Far... J.J., a hard-working but poor porn photographer has mysteriously and suddenly inherited a smart house in the country. His make-up girl, Tania, has suggested that he meets his costs by running the house as a small motel with porn starlets helping out in the spare time and offering "extra services" on the side. A girl called Gloria has suddenly arrived uninvited to offer some help...

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Gloria, a curvy brunette (played by Romanian star, NELLY KENT), is preparing breakfast for the house`s first guest, a young Frenchman who is on a walking holiday called John (played by JOSH). Gloria claims to be a neighbour and heard that J.J. needed some help, but when no one is looking, she seems very interested in searching his desk and drawers for something...

She confesses to J.J. that she finds John attractive. They agree on a 100 euro bet that she cannot seduce him after breakfast ! Preparing to pour John`s coffee in the Winter Garden, where he is eating his meal, Gloria makes a show of "accidentally" pouring coffee down her blouse. Good-natured and innocent John leaps up to brush away the stains from off her superb big tits and in seconds Gloria is responding by feeling his cock. She makes sure that it is rapidly responding to her touch.

Using a long sofa for their sex, Gloria pushes John back down on it and unzips his flies. He has a big, hard cock and she starts giving him a long, wet blowjob. After this John responds by pulling down Gloria`s panties and eating her shaved cunt, nibbling on her hot little clit. The pair then get into some steamy fucking going through four or so positions including doggy where John really gives the dirty slut a hard pounding with his big dick. Sitting on his cock Gloria rides her stud like a stallion and gives his dick a real workout. Finally John/JOSH unloads his cum over Gloria/NELLY`s superb natural big breasts.

The scene cuts to later and J.J. pays Gloria half the bet, then leaves the room to get more money from his car. She is once again nosing into J.J.`s personal things when her mobile rings. She has to take a call from a man who clearly frightens her and for whom she is working. We do not see his face, only his thin lips, and hear him tell her that she must find what he needs or things could go bad for her. J.J. suddenly re-appears just as Gloria finishes talking with The Voice. He pays her another 50 euros of the bet. Then there is a knock at the door...

On the doorstep are an odd couple - a tall man and a smaller one. They say they want to return at noon the next day and interview J.J. When he asks who they are the smaller one,(played by MATT BIRD) says they are police, "rather special police"!

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