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Episode 3 – Cops D.P. a nympho

The Story So Far... J.J., a hard-working but poor porn photographer has mysteriously inherited a fine new house in the country. He has accepted the advice of friends and is trying to run the place as a small motel where some porn starlets are helping him. The girls also offer "extra services" on the side. We know - but J.J. does not know - that a creepy guy glimpsed only as "The Voice" is also after something supposed to be kept somewhere within the house. Then two plainsclothes detectives turned up without warning and said they would return next day to interview J.J. on a private matter...

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The two cops are already arrived when the episode starts. Everyone is in the kitchen. They seem a strange pair of detectives - a tall one who says very little and seems a bit grumpy is called Rakosi (played by THOMAS STONE), a much shorter and more talkative one is called Bono (played by MATT BIRD). They claim to be making just a friendly local call on new businessman, J.J., but they seem far more interested in his latest "helper", a sexy teen porn starlet called Anita (played by Italian-Czech porn star, SILVIA DELLAI). Anita is a willing girl but clearly not much of a cook and she makes a fine mess in the kitchen. It hardly bothers the cops who are getting hard-ons in their pants staring at her long legs in tiny cutoff shorts that reveal her fantasic tight ass!

J.J. can`t make the cops out. He is unsure what they want and thinks they need to be bribed. Anita tells him privately that she`ll deal with them. There is no need to bribe them, she says, she will simply fuck them both! After all, she has not had a fuck for ages, at least not since last night! A relieved J.J. thanks her and makes some excuses to go into town so that Anita can handle the cops. He asks just one thing - please keep an eye on the chicken in the oven.

Grabbing a spray can of whipped cream, Anita joins Rakosi and Bono in the lounge and gets things moving hot and fast by shooting some thick cream over her tits and inviting the two horny cops to lick it off. Within seconds the threesome are getting down to some dirty business. Anita/SILVIA is a filthy slut who loves it all - having her tight shaved pussy licked by Bono or Rakosi`s big piece of meat shoved down her throat at the same time, she just cannot get enough dirty action. After some preliminary fucking and sucking, Anita is soon in the mood for cock in her ass. She moans with pleasure as these two dudes ravage her body, both well-endowed guys who plough her back passage with their hefty pieces of meat. Finally Anita/SILVIA is double-penetrated and shudders with delight - as you will - when these guys fill her holes. Sitting on Rakosi/THOMAS STONE`s big stick in her ass, she slurps hungrily at Bono/MATT BIRD`s dick until he can hold back no more and shoots thick creamy jism into her mouth and over her face, a wonderful ending to a hot scene!

J.J. returns to find all three performers lying exhausted on the sofa after their epic sex session. Then he smells something burning. In the kitchen we see from the thick smoke coming from the oven that Anita has ruined the chicken. Later she apologises. By now J.J. has gotten used to the situation and tells her that she is no cook, but does have other talents - no one can fuck like her! In Italian she says that no one has ever said such a nice thing to her. They kiss and it looks like J.J. is at last going to get laid for us - when there is another knock at the door.

He opens it to find two cute Russian teens standing on the step. They say they are responding to his advert for staff and ask - "Do you like us?"

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