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Episode 6 – Cock stakeout

THE STORY SO FAR... J.J. (Jordan Hart), a hard-working but poor porn photographer, has mysteriously inherited a house in the country. Following the discovery that "Yury", a Russian guest who was murdered, is in fact very much alive and been spotted in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, the two guys head there to look for the sinister man who is wanted by Interpol.

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This week`s episode is set in Tenerife with its exotic beaches way out in the Atlantic Ocean and closer to West Africa than Europe. Tenerife is stunningly beautiful and invitingly warm. Leaving the airport by car, Bono (Matt Bird), tells J.J. that they will be helped in their search for "Yury" by Patricia (Slovakian porn star, CHLOE LAMOUR), who is a member of the Spanish National Security Agency. Patricia turns out to stunningly glamorous, huge-breasted with long dark hair looking sexy in a tight skirt and blouse hinting at her fantastic breasts. They discover that "Yury" is actually a rogue Russian scientist who is on the run from the Russian secret police, the F.S.B. who want to question him about a Russian nerve gas formula that vanished with him!

While J.J. is sent to spy out a local café frequented by the Russian to see if he can identify the guy - which he does - Patricia takes Bono to stake out a villa where he is believed to be staying. They stop the car in a quiet spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Bono stops to strip off a little, showing his muscled physique, when its necessary to deal with a car problem. The horny Patricia, turned on and lusting to get laid, suggests that they have time to kill and makes out that she wants to get laid.

The always horny Bono is happy to oblige. With the blue sea in the background the pair get down to some hot sucking and fucking. First Patricia strips off a little and Bono is able to get his hot hands and wet lips on her enormous gazongas! If you like big tits then this is a scene to enjoy! He begins by lifting up one of her legs, leaning her against the car, and sticking his big cock into her hot, wet, cunt. She moans with pleasure ! He slams his hot cock into her juicy cunt. After this standing doggy position, the pair sit on the ground and fuck in reverse cowgirl as Patricia`s big juggs jump up and down. Rolling her over Bono pushes her into doggy with her luscious ass facing him and slips his manmeat into her wet pussy. She loves it like the hot bitch she is and he works that big cock in, slamming his hardware up her cunt! Then its time for cowgirl with Patricia seated on her lover`s dick and her colossal tits flopping into his face and he rams his dick up her pussy. Finally Bono pulls out and drops his white hot cum all over those big breasts as Patricia smiles in delight.

The scene cuts to night. We are outside the Russian`s villa. Bono and J.J. are gradually creeping up on the place. The atmosphere is tense.Then we hear a nasty chuckle and a gun comes into the foreground... Our guys have been caught!

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